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When I began my practice at Beaumont, no one at this institution was performing awake craniotomies for resection of tumors in the part of the brain that involves the speech cortex.  Due to my intensive experience in state-of-the-art neurosurgical oncology care at MD Anderson Cancer Center, I was eager to be able to offer this service to Beaumont patients.  I made inquiries to interested parties and put together a team of anesthesiologists, speech therapists, neurologists, and neuromonitoring technicians to be able to offer this service to Beaumont patients.


One of my clinical passions is the care of patients suffering with cancer affecting the brain or spine.  Since I began my career at Beaumont twelve years ago, I have progressively and consistently built our neurosurgical oncology program.  When I first began, Neuroscience Tumor Board was held once a month.  Then I facilitated increasing our meetings to twice a month.  Approximately six years ago, in collaboration with my colleagues, we increased the frequency of our Neuroscience Multidisciplinary Tumor Board Meetings to weekly.  I am always there, in the middle of the second row, helping guide the discussion along with my colleagues. This is an important conference for optimizing the care of our patients who are battling cancer.