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I love to teach!  If I had not become a physician, I would have become a teacher.  I believe that many people who have watched me teach or been my students would testify to my clear passion for teaching.  It is something that I enjoy doing in every arena of my life, private and professional.  In my private life, I have taught Sunday School for a quarter of a century.  I have served as a soccer coach for children's soccer teams for many seasons.  I teach adult Bible Study.  As a young man I taught test prep classes for Kaplan and a New York City based test-prep company called TestTakers for the SAT, ACT, MCAT, and GMAT.  I give sermons at my church on a regular basis.  Teaching is a part of who I am.  In my clinical practice, that translates to helping my patients understand what's happening and why they are experiencing the symptoms that they are having.  It also means educating patients about the different treatment options available which may include surgery.  If I recommend a surgery for their treatment, I want to make sure they understand the operation as much as possible and I explain the operation using models in the office.  I believe that knowledge is power and I want to empower my patients in their treatment decisions.